First Basic Marketing Steps


First Basic Marketing Steps

You have a new company. You are ready to start marketing your service or product. But where do you start? There are many things to consider when starting to market a new company or product. Start with these simple 5 steps.


Step 1

First you want to determine your audience. If you don’t know how to do this or not sure what this involves, check out my blog on this topic [link].


Step 2

Build a website. Almost everyone needs a website. The exception for this would be an influencer. They simply need to create a social media account (or more than one) to work with.


Step 3

Once your audience is determined figure out where they spend their time. You want to determine the top 3 ways to get them to notice you. These places can be social media, email, mail, billboards, brochures/handouts, events, and much more!


Step 4

Meet your audience where they are. Using what you determined in step 2, set up those accounts. I always recommend social media account(s) according to your product or service. For more details on social media options, check out my social media breakdown [link].


Step 5

Start advertising. Set a budget for advertising your product. Start with items that you can do for free such as (some) email marketing, social media posting and interacting, and face-to-face meetings/events. Then move on to things that cost such as print materials, social media advertising, Google advertising, etc.


These simple steps will get you going in the right direction for advertising! Be sure to check in and track how your advertising is doing in comparison to your sales/income.