What is SEO?


What is SEO?

One of the biggest questions when talking about website is SEO. What is it? Why does it matter to me? Is this necessary for my business? Let’s dig into that.


What is it?

Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is simply the process of improving your website to increase the visibility when search on search engines. This is a fancy way of saying your website needs to allow search engines (mainly Google) to read your website for their search capabilities.


Why does this matter?

If Google (or other search engines) have a hard time reading your site it lowers where you list within the search engine results. You want to land on the first page if not higher in the results. By increasing the quality of your SEO you increase the ability of someone to be able to easily find your website online.


How do I increase my SEO?

The exact process depends on how you built the backend of your website. However the basic elements for each page are the name/title, small description, search words/phrases, the wording on the page itself (including length, readability, etc.), external and internal links, and the addition of graphics/pictures with the correct names.


One of my upcoming blogs will go into further details regarding exactly how to increase your SEO. Stay tuned for more!