Common Marketing Mistakes


Common Marketing Mistakes

You don’t want to make mistakes in your marketing so you want to learn and that is why you are here! Check out the most common marketing mistakes I have found that happen all the time. Avoid these mistakes to help your marketing grow faster.


Poor Audience Research

If you do not consider all of the possible audiences OR do not consolidate your audience enough then you will spend extra money advertising to those who are not interested. Be careful that this audience is not too big or too small, especially when digitally marketing or mailer marketing.


Unwilling to Invest

People often are shy on the money it takes to advertise. Set a budget but don’t be shy about it. Remember that you have to advertise to get more new customers.


Giving Up After First Try

Marketing is trial and error. You have to be able to collect and read the analytics for each form of advertising. Your first attempt more than likely will not be as successful as you want it to be. But if you analyze, make adjustments, and try new/different ways then you will find something that works!


No Brand Consistency

You want to be sure that your brand is consistent. People want to see that everything you put out is true to your brand and not varying. Determine your brand, set guidelines, and stick to them.


Quality of Content

Getting content out to just have something out there is easy to do. While you want to add content and stay in front of your audience, you don’t want it to seem forced. Never post something that has substance that is relevant to your product or service.


Underestimating Word of Mouth

Do not underestimate word of mouth. It is free and a great way for businesses to thrive. The best way to help this is to make sure every customer is a happy customer.


If you don’t make these mistakes then you well on your way to having a successful marketing for your business!